Activist walks America – Two years ago, Kim Denmark, a welfare rights activist from Dayton, Ohio decided to walk across the United States in order to draw attention to the inhumane welfare reform laws that have hurt millions of Americans, especially single mothers and children. After meeting with other activists for the past month in New York City, Kim is ready to resume her welfare rights crusade across the country.

Alleged biopirates map human genome – On Feb. 12, after years of research, the entire human genome, 3.1 billion bits of DNA that make up the human genetic blueprint, was shown to the public for the first time. Scientists have called the mapping of the human genetic structure a scientific milestone that marks the beginning of a new age in medicine. The new knowledge is expected to lead to acceleration in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, as well as the development of preventions and cures. In addition, the findings will lead to a scientific understanding of human proteins.

Campus Personality – Alright kids, put your boogie shoes on because Campus Personalities is back again. This week’s special guest is somebody we all know and love, Virginia Lloyd. (read on)

Meditate to remove stress – This coming weekend, the Art of Living Club will be offering a beginners course in meditation. The club, whose members practice yoga breathing techniques and postures, as well as meditation, offers the course only once a semester.

Faculty, students discuss plus/minus grading – The Faculty Senate and Student Senate co-facilitated a forum on plus/minus grading last Tuesday. At this forum, which more than 50 individuals attended, various issues were discussed regarding the proposed change that Faculty Senate is currently considering regarding plus/minus grading.

Irish dance club gives excuse for wearing kilts – Americans are great at passive entertainment. Put some pretty lights on the TV or movie screen and we’ll stare at them for hours. Put some pretty music on a CD and we’ll listen to it demurely while we drive or do some work. (Sometimes we’ll sing along, but only when no one’s listening. We wouldn’t want to seem weird.) Put some people up on the stage who can dance and we’ll sit and watch and applaud politely when they’re done.